WFTGA 2019 Convention in Tbilisi  

“Georgia: World’s Historical Crossroad”

On 20th – 25th of January Tbilisi is hosting 18th Convention of World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, organized by Newkaz and Georgian Guides Association.

In 2010 Newkaz has founded Georgian Guides Association (, which is a professional tourist guide’s unity. In the same year, it became a member of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA), which holds International convention once in two years.

In January 2017, during WFTGA Convention 2017 in Tehran, the Georgian Guides Association, in competition with Thailand and New York Guides Associations, won the honor to host the next Convention in January 2019 in Tbilisi, Georgia. The details of the Convention can be seen on the event’s webpage (, as well as at WFTGA webpage

The Ambassadors of WFTGA are already promoting the Convention all over the world.

This convention is an industry drive factor not only for Georgia, but for the whole region because:

• In 2019, Georgia will host a one-week internationally recognized convention, this event will significantly increase (and has already increased) the interest and awareness about Georgia as a tourism destination, as well as about the whole region.

• The country will gather several hundred tourist guides from different countries around the world - people who are experts in the field and influence tourism business directly.

The theme of the Convention is “Georgia – World’s Historical Crossroad”, which reflects the nature of Georgia culture a lot. Convention program will be focused on sharing of unique experiences between guides from different countries. During our Pre-convention and Post-Convention tours Participants will be able to taste Georgian wines, explore Georgian culture and traditions, travel around Georgia’s most interesting tourism destinations and make contacts to the colleagues from around the world!