English language courses - Tourism English

  • Start date15.03.2016
  • End date10.05.2016
  • Course duration8 Week
  • Number of lectures16

About training

English language courses, special courses for tourist guides and not only guides. Lectures will be held by instructor from America. Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday, start time - 12:00 pm.

Duration 2 hours.

This course will help you:


• reduce the foreign language speaking problems

• improve listening, understanding and responding skills

• Get practice classes focused on the tourist routes

• enrich vocabulary and learn the terminology, the characteristics of the tourism industry, and business services sector (transport, transfer, hospitality, restaurants, art, architecture, etc.)

Limited number of people in each group will allow us to answer students' questions. After completing the course, you will be able the speak English language fluently. Course costs 900 GEL (8 weeks). Certificates of tourism development center "Newkaz" will be given to successful students

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  • Price 900.00 GEL

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